Cardiac Screening

Cardiac Screening

Cardiac Screening

We provide a range of cardiac tests to establish if a person is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Pre-Training Cardiac Risk Assessment

It is crucial that anyone starting physical training performs a cardiac risk assessment. This will help identify any heart condition that might cause serious problems and prevent safe exercise.

The screening involves taking a history from the patient about any symptoms related to heart problems, lifestyle and heart disease risk factors. It includes provocative exercise testing, to check the performance of the heart under stress, and an echocardiogram to exclude structural heart disease such as valves that do not open well or leak.

General Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

A doctor or nurse will take your history regarding lifestyle risk factors that increase your chances of developing a serious heart problem. A number of blood tests will be performed and include a full lipid profile assessment blood sugar and a special test that will give us an idea of your heart muscle function. A score is calculated based on several of these risk factors, your age and gender. An adjustment to the score is made for certain other risk factors such as strong family history and ethnic origin.

The clinic uses the QRISK®3 which takes into account many other factors that are not included in other risk assessment scoring system. It will take into account whether you have a condition called atrial fibrillation or kidney disease, migraine, corticosteroids, Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), atypical antipsychotics, severe mental illness, erectile dysfunction and a measure of systolic blood pressure variability.

Using this score we can calculate your risk of developing a heart attack or stroke for the following 10 years.

Business Executive Screening

Enjoy customised executive screening packages that take into account your health concerns, age, risk factors, medical and family history. You can choose from a comprehensive panel of tests to screen for conditions of the heart, liver, kidneys and hormones as well as genetic testing.

Your review comes complete with physician consult, results explanation and lifestyle recommendations.


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